Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quick Comrade Portrait


This was kind of an accident. I was just playing around in Photoshop, just doing very sketchy, very loose images just for fun, and I did this one of The Comrade, and well, I am very pleased with it. So here it is!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Hello again.

Here is a sketch I did inspired by the Teenage Bottlerocket song "Rebound". I will color it shortly, but I don't really know how I want to go about it just yet.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Comrade Strikes!

Hey! The other day I was able to get some work done on an action sequence I wanted to board out. A month ago I did roughly three pages worth of thumbnails depicting a battle between The Comrade and his natural enemy. Here are the first four pages of boards. Enjoy!

PS: Please forgive the campy dialogue. I have not yet written a script or anything.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh No!

Ugh I don't feel so hot....

Naw I'm just joshing, but I do like this tiny little sketch I did of a "person getting sick". So I colored it quickly and slapped that sucker on here.

I promise the next time I post something hand drawn, it won't be a tiny little sketch! Promise!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

All Nite Dinah Characters


Just a quick update today. These are the character "puppets" for the All Nite Dinah short, which will eventually have it's own name.

I may or may not make the monster bigger. I kind of like the idea of the kids being frightened by such a small creature.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

All Nite Dinah! (Updated)

Note: I changed the sail, so instead of putting up a new post, I just updated this first one. Enjoy!


Ok so a bit of a story here.

When I first took Animation 1, we did the on stand animation, which basically boiled down to cut out animation. I loved it, and one day while listening to Venice Shoreline Chris's song "All Nite Dinah", the idea of doing a cut out animation about two kids sailing to an island and having a little adventure came to me.

I did some designs, and put the whole thing aside in order to work on school stuff. Recently, two things have made me re-think this project.

The first was when Patrick mentioned he had rigged a character in Flash "puppet style". The second was when someone mentioned using Flash in order to make puppet-like animations. Puppets = cut outs!

So I decided to start tackling this project. I thumbnailed some shots out, and here is a rough version of one of the opening shots. I am not loving the sail, so I need to go back to fix it, but for now it's ok.

I was going for a kinda child-like look, which is why some of the colors don't fill in the shapes entirely.

I dunno, I am excited about this!

Lemme know what you think!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Another Tyking!

Yikes, well... I finally colored that sketch of the third and final Tyking and... Here it is!

It's not bad, but I prefer the previous Tykings image I did. Hmm.. Maybe I will revisit this at a later point. Oh well, enjoy!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Corpsepaint Flyer, I Suppose...


I haven't really done much lately, so I apologize! Tonight I got bored and decided I wanted to try to replicate some of those old Darkthrone record covers. I had read that all they did was just take black and white photos and make poor quality copies and then kinda black out some of the parts they didn't need. Here is an example.

I added a greyish swirl to it and tried to make it a tiny bit humorous by making it a flyer for a corpsepaint sale. I kinda dig it.

Although... Maybe it would look better without the swirl? What do you think?

Anyway, next update I promise will be something relevant and not just an example of how I kill an hour! Peace out!